I hope you are all feeling the sense of Spring on the way, even if the weather itself is not yet there. I can feel the energy shifting from stillness to…

February 2023

Like a Key Adventure that will make you giggle
and would you like to be a Kitchen Witch?

January 2023

And even more silly goodies if you keep reading
And a recipe and a video! This one is packed.
A little heavy-handed but wow it's been a year

December 2022

And how we might do it better for ourSELVES
Maybe it's learning to accept we might not always like the answer

November 2022

Said in the manner of "the witches are coming"
Read to the end for a video about having enough time

October 2022

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September 2022

Well I absolutely missed the August newsletter. So lucky you, like the September issue of Vogue, this one is stacked with double the recipes and double…